Pirelli Hill Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Pirelli Hill Challenge

Congratulations to all riders who braved the elements yesterday.  The winners of our King of the Mountain and Queen of the Mountain on ‘Pirelli Velo Hill’ were:

QOM - Tamar Hosking 4m 50s
KOM - Felix Whetter 3m 3ss
We’ll be sending you a set of Pirelli P Zero tyres each

The unluckiest riders were this group from Wadebridge Coasters who punctured on Pirelli Hill - just as the heavens opened - looks like some good teamwork going on there.  If the punctured rider and his 2 friends can make themselves known, we’ve got some Pirelli goodies to keep you all on the road!

Some other ‘spot’ prizes for the riders who’s faces we can see in these 3 snaps on ‘Pirelli Hill’ - and one at ‘roll out’.  Again please make yourself know by replying with your name and number, so we can ID you.

For an extra bit of fun, post your ‘Pirelli’ snaps in ‘replies’ and we may be able to find some extra prizes for the best ones!

Many thanks to @PirelliVelo for their support again this year!  If you haven’t already tried the tyres, get your hands on a set.





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