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How to ride 100k

March 1, 2024

Peter Georgi will show you how to ride your best 100K within 16 weeks !

Even if you've not been on your bike for years.

Get yourself on his training course in time for this years classic and save 20%

It gets even better !! - we will randomly select 1 or 2 riders who sign up for the training and give them access to the GOLD upgrade for FREE !

All we ask is that we can follow your progress and see how you're getting on with the training - good or bad !

No pressure, if you are asked to accept the GOLD but don't want to give open feedback just let us know and we'll chat to one of the other sign-ups.

Peter Georgi joined the DC team specifically to help cyclists with their training.

Who is Peter ?

Peter is a lifelong cyclist and a dedicated coach with a deep seated passion for the sport.

He has mentored riders at all levels, from novices to elite professionals, helping many riders make their living at the sport.

His daughter Pfeiffer Georgi is the current National Road Champion !

Pfeiffer Georgi leading the Mid Devon squad as a junior
Pfeiffer Georgi - current National Road Champion and ranked 10th in the world.

Peter created the Cent-Soulor to help new riders prepare for challenge rides and cycle sportives.
Through Cent-Soulor you can join a 16 week progressive and structured programme not only to help you build your fitness but also increase your confidence and skills on the bike.

"My goal with the programme is to really help people progress with their cycling"

If you want to ride your best 100K by taking part in this brilliant opportunity there's 20% Off the full 16 week training course for Dartmoor Classic cyclists.

On the Cent-Soulor website use Discount Code: DARTMOOR20 at the checkout.

As a taster (which if it's all you look at will improve your ride) take look at the link below.

Consistency: The Big Secret of Endurance Performance

2024 Ride Manual DOWNLOAD
DC Team

Dartmoor Classic Team.

We are members of MDCC (Mid Devon Cycling Club). We volunteer and manage the Dartmoor Classic Cycle Sportive each year to provide the best cycle sportive experience for new and experienced cyclists.

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