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March 14, 2024

You can now ride the Dartmoor Classic to support a charity of your choice.

We've teamed up with JustGiving to give you the opportunity to ride for a charity that is close to your heart.

Many of you have wanted to take on a challenge like the Dartmoor Classic so that you can gather sponsorship to support a charity that is special to you.

NOW you can.

This link will take you to the JustGiving website.

If you are not registered with JustGiving it will ask you to sign-up for an account.

When you are registered it will take you straight to a page where you can choose your charity.

There is a chance that your chosen charity is not listed. If that is the case just get in touch with your charity and they can sign-up to JustGiving.

Choose the charity you want to support

Once selected continue through to state how much sponsorship you want to aim for.

Next, write a quick page on why you're riding the DC for your charity.

Add a picture or two of you cycling or the person or charity you are riding for.

FINISH off by checking the information and agreeing to make it happen

- COMMIT - CLIMB -CONQUER and help a worthy cause... nice job!

That's all there is to it. We'd like to thank you in advance if you are riding for any charity organisation.
You are a hero and if you let us know you are riding for a charity we will send out a mention on our social channels and look forward to seeing you cross the finish line in June.
Have a great ride !
DC Team x
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