Terms & Conditions of the Dartmoor Classic
Cycle Sportive

This is not a lengthy document with complex legal jargon, so please take a few minutes to read through and make sure you are happy to enter. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions you are advised not to enter the event.

All participants of the Dartmoor Classic Sportive are required to pre-register through our online system at my.dartmoorclassic.co.uk. During online registration you will be asked to tick a box confirming that you have read and agree with these terms & conditions.

Bike Regulations

  • Bikes must be in a serviced, roadworthy and safe condition.
  • Tri Bars are NOT permitted
  • Time Trial Bikes are NOT permitted
  • eBikes (Electric Bikes) ARE permitted
  • Bike lights MUST be fitted if there is the slightest chance of reduced visibility

Equipment Regulations

  • You must wear an approved Cycle Helmet. No Helmet - No Ride - No Exceptions!
  • The wearing of earphones is NOT permitted.
  • It's Dartmoor, expect the unexpected. Appropriate clothing must be worn for the weather conditions on the day. For safety reasons, you will be advised not to start if you are not wearing appropriate clothing.
  • Bike lights MUST be fitted if there is the slightest chance of reduced visibility.
  • You must carry a bicycle repair kit sufficient to maintain your bike in the event of punctures or other minor mechanical failures.
  • You must have suitable drinks containers to ensure you are able to remain hydrated throughout the ride.
  • You must clearly display your issued ‘Rider Number’ on the front of your bike and on the rear of your cycling top at all times.

Age Restrictions

  • All participants under the age of 18 years must be registered by their appropriate parent or guardian as consent is required.
  • All participants under the age of 15 years must be accompanied by an appropriate adult, over 18 who has registered in the event.
  • No participant below the age of 15 years will be permitted to ride the Grande route.
  • No participant below the age of 12 years will be permitted to ride the Medio route.
  • No participant below the age of 11 years will be permitted to ride the Piccolo route.

Ride Rules

  • The event is NOT a race. It is a timed personal challenge in which participants will be informed of their achievement when they finish.
  • You must ride in accordance with the law and adhere to the Highway Code.
  • It is your responsible to ensure your timing chip is correctly fitted before you start and that you correctly negotiate all timing check points on the route.
  • Medals are awarded to participants completing their chosen route within the designated time limits for their age and gender category.
  • You are responsible for riding safely, affording due respect for other road users, including other cyclists participating in the event.
  • You must comply with the instructions of the organisers and other course officials
  • Whilst the organiser will make every effort to ensure that the routes are adequately signed, the onus of remaining on course rests with you, the rider.
  • Should circumstances dictate, or in the interest of safety, the organisers reserve the right to make such changes to the published routes as may be deemed necessary at their absolute discretion
  • The organiser reserves the right to insist that a participant retire from the event where their conduct is considered inappropriate. If required to retire you must surrender your rider number to an event official and take no further part in the event.
  • You have a duty to report to an event official as soon as practicable, anything that you see or hear which you reasonably believe may impact on the safety or welfare of yourself or others, whether connected to the event or otherwise.
  • The Dartmoor Classic is a mass participation cycling event on open public roads. Such events are not without risk. It is your responsibility to remain alert, continuously assess the road and any hazards around you, and to only proceed when it is safe for you to do so.
  • Feed Stations are provided but participants with special dietry requirements and food allergies should bring their own safe products. We cannot guarantee any of our food is free from specific ingredients.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Under our Terms & Conditions of entry we have a strict refund policy.
Cancellation & Refunds Policy: Participants have the option to purchase cancellation insurance during the entry process. Mid-Devon Cycling Club, organisers of the Dartmoor Classic Sportive, DO NOT refund participants who wish to cancel their entry.

Please check your diary and make sure you are available to participate BEFORE booking.

Transfer Policy:
Participants are permitted to transfer their place to another person. This is a self-administered two-step process. You must find your own replacement rider and they must complete the online transfer process that you initiate. No transfers will be permitted within 1 month of the event date.

Deferral Policy: Participants are permitted to defer their entry until the following year. Entries can only be deferred once (to the following year). Once deferred there will be no further opportunity for refunds or transfers. No deferral is permitted within one month of the event date.

Force Majeure: If the organisers are forced to cancel the Dartmoor Classic due to extraordinary circumstances beyond their control, such as war, strike, crime, riot, epidemic, pandemic, flooding, extreme weather, or any other event described by the legal term 'act of God', registered participants will be offered a place in the next edition of the event or reimbursed with that portion of their entry fee which is recoverable and has not been irrevocably committed to staging the event. By default, participants will be deferred to the next event. Requests for refunds must be received in writing no more than 8 weeks from the date of original cancellation notice.

The cancellation or alteration of routes does NOT costitute the cancellation of the event. The organisers reserve the right to alter or close specific routes on the grounds of safety. In such circumstances participants will not be eligible for any refunds.

Cold or wet weather conditions are unlikely to lead to the cancellation of the event. Participants must use their own experience and judgement regarding their ability, equipment and preparedness on the day. If a participant decides that it is not suitable for them to ride, they will not be entitled to claim a refund.

CLOSING DATE: The online registration system is LOCKED 3 weeks prior to the start date so that the information can be used for the final event preparations. To avoid errors, no further changes will be permitted to the start sheet.

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