Cycling blogs, there’s quite a few out there. Amateur cyclists write for magazines and websites, as do professional cyclists, about their experiences in the peloton. Most of the blogs are written by Journalist’s, who have a vast knowledge about all aspects of cycling. 

I’ve ridden more kilometers, than I’ve written blogs, but this is going to be my take on what you need to look at and think about to get through the Dartmoor Classic sportive.

Since I was 8 years old, I’ve ridden my bike, raced my bike at home and abroad and learned a lot from the people that I’ve met along the way, other riders, coaches, manager’s, Team Owners and sponsors all within the cycling world. Since I stopped racing competitively in 2014, I’ve been concentrating on my coaching with the Trainsharp coaching company, I’ve been a manager / Director Sportive with a couple of teams and I’ve also managed to fit in some training and preparation for some big events too.

A 7day sportive event in the French Pyrenees was the biggest challenge I set myself in the summer of 2016. Coming back after a knee injury I sustained in the summer of 2015 was a big goal for me, but using all what I’d learned over the years was an important factor of getting to the start of the event in the best shape I could.

It’s all about preparation in the lead up to the event and then making sure you’ve done everything you can, to be the best you can on the day. Even on the day and during the event, there are so many things you need to think about.

All this planning and preparation will make the event so much more enjoyable to ride and that’s why we ride our bikes. Isn’t it? we enjoy cycling around the beautiful countryside.

So, within the blogs, we are aiming to prepare you for the Dartmoor Classic sportive, which takes place on some of the countries hardest and steepest roads. 

 We will be brining you the next instalment from Dean's Blog in the next couple of days with a new article for you every few days as we approach the 2017 Dartmoor Classic.

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