Gold Plan

When you subscribe to the Dartmoor Classic Training Program "Gold Plan" you will receive a Start Guide that gives you all the information you need to prepare for your training sessions. This guide includes instructions on how to complete an assessment of your current level of cycling fitness. This includes instructions on how to complete an FTP (Functional Threshold Power) Test and calculate your personal Training Zones. This will enable you to train accurately and feedback the necessary data for your coach to monitor your training. 

You will also receive a free Training Peaks account. This is an online training program through which your training schedule will be delivered. Training Peaks will also send you daily reminders for each planned session. Once you have completed a training session, you will update your Training Peaks account, creating a record of your progress. Training Peaks is rich with data analysis features enabling your training to be accurately monitored. With the "Gold Plan" your coach will review your training data every two weeks and provide you with constructive feedback to maximize your development through each training block.

Before you start your sixteen weeks of training, an approved British Cycling Level 3 Coach will be assigned to you and they will discuss your training requirements with you. They will ask you about your lifestyle to establish how much training time you have available and identify any other commitments you have. They will discuss your strengths and weaknesses and establish your personal goals. Once they have the necessary information, they will write your personalized training plan for you.The plan will take into account the demands of your chosen route alongside your personal circumstances. Every fortnight your coach will review the progress of your training with you ensuring you are gaining the maximum benefits from the training time you put in.

The cost for the Gold Plan is £128.00, which equates to just £8.00 per week.


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