Registration Process

registrationAll participants must pre-enter online. We are unable to register new entries on the day. Online Entry will open at 06:00 hrs on the 25th October 2019 for our 2020 event. Please note that this event has always SOLD OUT and in recent years it has been selling out within 48 hours of registration opening. If you want to be sure of your place in the next edition of the Dartmoor Classic you will need to enter early.


  • Persons under the age of 16 are NOT permitted to use the Online Registration System - They MUST be registered by an appropriate adult, lawfully entitled to give consent.
  • Minumum Age Limits apply - please see route information pages for details.
  • Read the Dartmoor Classic Terms & Conditions - these cover our use of your data, our rights as the event organisers, the Code of Conduct you agree to abide by and our limitations of liability.
  • Read the Cancellation & Refunds Policy - these clearly state our strict limitations for any cancellation, transfer or refund requests.
  • Check your diary and make sure you are available to participate on the event date!


When you click on one of the Enter Buttons on our website you will be transferred to our Entry System. You will then need to follow these simple steps:

  • Select the route you want to enter.
  • Click the Enter Button - You will be presented with a pop-up registration form
  • Select the number of places you wish to purchase for this route.
  • Click the Proceed button)
  • Complete the registration form
  • Make sure you provide a valid email address. This is where we will send your confirmation email
  • Make sure you are sensible with your choice of 'Display Name' as this will be visible to everyone on the rear of your jersey. Do not use crude of offensive words or terms. Maximum of 12 characters.
  • If you choose a Gender of Non-Binary you will be assigned the same medal time standards as the equivalent male age group.
  • Once you have completed the form, click on the 'Save Participant' Button. 
  • If you are buying more than one place, complete the details for the additional people.
  • Once you have entered each person's details, click on the Proceed Button
  • Click on the Pay by Card Button to complete your order.
  • That's it your all signed up! You will receive a confirmation email. If you do not see it, check your spam / junk mail folders.


There is likely to be several months between the time you enter online and the date of the event. It is your responsibility to ensure your personal data is kept up to date. If details such as your email address, home address, emergency contact, telephone number, or medical details change, it is important that you log back into your Dartmoor Classic account and update your details.


It is important that you prepare for this Sportive. Start your training early to ensure you have the requisite level of cycle fitness to complete your chosen route. We have an optional Training Program available if you would like some coaching before the Sportive. 

Have your bike properly serviced by a professional mechanic in good time before you arrive. Speak to your preferred bike shop or bicycle mechanic and book your service early to ensure you can get it done in time. Many a participant have failed to heed our advice and have faced the disappointment of being unable to complete their ride due to avoidable mechanical problems.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and make sure you have the appropriate clothing that will be needed. Check your bike lights, make sure they are working correctly and have good batteries.


Approximately two weeks before the Sportive we will publish a Ride Manual. This will give you all the final details about the event. Please make sure you read this document before you arrive.


  • All participants MUST register in person and personally sign the sign-on sheet.
  • The Dartmoor Classic does not permit proxy registrations.
  • PHOTO ID will be required - Please make sure you arrive prepared!
  • Once you have signed on, you will receive your Ride Pack.
  • We DO NOT post Ride Packs out and we will not allow them to be collected by a third party.
  • We strongly recommend registering on the Saturday (20th June 2020)
  • If you are unable to do this you can register on the Sunday prior to starting your ride (21st June 2020)


Once signed in, participants will be issued with their personalised 'Ride Pack' containing:

  • Disposable Electronic Timing Chip (To be stuck to the outside LEFT of your cycle helmet)
  • Bike Number (To be fixed to front of bike)
  • 2 x Cable Ties (to attach Bike Number)
  • Personalized Body Number (To be worn on rear of your Cycle Jersey)
  • 4 x Safety Pins (to fix Body Number to Jersey)
  • Goody Bag Token (exchange for Goody Bag)
  • T-Shirt Token (exchange for event T-Shirt)


  • Saturday 20th June 2020: 12:30 hrs to 18:00 hrs
  • Sunday 21st June 2020: 05:00 hrs to 09:00 hrs
Proof of Identity

When 'signing on', entrants MUST provide photographic proof of identity. Recommended identity documents are British Cycling Membership Card, Photo Driving Licence or Passport. No-one will be permitted to ride under another person's identity. Entries for this event are strictly non-transferable.

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