Bronze Plan

When you subscribe to the Dartmoor Classic Training Program "Bronze Plan" you will receive a Start Guide that gives you all the information you need to prepare for your training sessions. This guide includes instructions on how to complete an assessment of your current level of cycling fitness. For those with Heart Rate Monitors and/or Power Meters, there are instructions on how to complete an FTP (Functional Threshold Power) Test and calculate your personal Training Zones. You will then be able to train more accurately as you monitor the intensity of your training. For those who do not have these gadgets, there are instructions on how to assess the intensity of your training using a methodology known as RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion).

You will also receive a free Training Peaks account. This is an online training program through which your training schedule will be delivered. Training Peaks will also send you daily reminders for each planned session. Once you have completed a training session, you will update your Training Peaks account which will create a record of your progress. Training Peaks is rich with data analysis features enabling your training to be accurately monitored.

The sixteen week "Bronze Plan" is a fixed schedule of training that has been designed around the demands of the Dartmoor Classic. There are three plans available, one designed for the Piccolo, one for the Medio, and one for the Grande. You will be supplied the appropriate plan for your chosen route.

The "Bronze Plan" does not take into account your personal lifestyle, such as how much training time you have available, when you work, the type of work you do, or other events or holidays you might be planning. If you would like your training plan tailored around your personal requirements, please consider the "Silver Plan" option.

The cost for the Bronze Plan is £25.00.


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