Clif Bar will be the official energy product supplier for the 2019 Dartmoor Classic

Clif Bar & Company Origin Story

CLIF® Bar was born on an outdoor adventure. In 1990, Clif founder Gary Erickson embarked on a 175 mile bike ride in California. Exhausted and famished he realized that he still had miles to go and he needed more energy to complete the ride. He couldn’t take another bite of the only energy bar on the market at this time. Gary’s epiphany was to make something that tasted better.

A baker by trade, competitive athlete and a foodie at heart, Gary spent six months in his Mom’s kitchen before he created an optimal recipe for a great-tasting energy bar made with a nutritious blend of rolled oats and wholesome ingredients for sustained energy.

In 1992, CLIF Bar was launched and named after his father Clifford, who inspired his love for the outdoors and nurtured his passions in life. In 2003, we launched in the UK with CLIF Bar, our leading energy bar, as part of the company’s expansion in Europe.

Over 25 years later, we still look forward to trying out new trails with our food and our people.


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