What tyre width should I choose?

Here is some great advice from Pirelli on how to best match your tyre widths against your riding style and terrain.

Bicycle tyres are available in a wide range of widths – so what difference does it make?

The type of bike you are riding will be the main factor when it comes to tyre width.

The Pirelli P Zero range of tyres currently come in three different widths: 23c, 25c and 28c. This is the measurement of the tyre at the widest point and is the standard sizing used by most tyre manufacturers.

Narrow tyres are often lighter and can give the sensation of being faster. However, they will provide a harsher ride quality than a wider tyre. A wider tyre will be a little heavier but much more comfortable. 

Therefore many riders will choose a 23c tyre for time trial events were comfort is less of a priority.

The recent trend has been for most riders to lean towards a wider tyre width of 25mm or 28mm for general road riding. This gives a perfect combination of light weight, good rolling resistance and comfort.

However, you may wish to go even wider if your frame will allow and you’re planning on riding on particularly rough terrain. More often than not wider tyres give similar levels of rolling resistance to their narrower counterparts but will give the ride a feel of being slower due to the decreased road vibrations and road feedback.

There are lots of considerations to take into account when choosing your tyres but most importantly start by ensuring that whatever you’re going to purchase will fit your bike. If you are considering going wider than you have used before, you need to ensure you have ample clearance through the forks and in the rear stays of your bike. 

Secondly you need to consider what is best for speed, comfort and the type of riding you will be doing.

Learn more about the technology Pirelli use to give their tyres the perfect balance of performance and comfort by clicking the link below:

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