The most common mistake I see with new comers into cycling can be their bike fit. But if you are a new comer to cycling and know one tells you about being comfortable on a bike, you wont know will you.

Whichever route you are riding at the Dartmoor Classic sportive, you are going to be on your bike for a few hours and going up and down lots of hills enroute.

You need to be comfortable. Getting your position correct as soon as you can is essential. Remember hitting that goal requires some training too, so a few hours in the saddle in the wrong position is only going to cause you problems. Extreme cases can be knee injuries from your saddle being too high, saddle sores from a bad saddle position, or maybe back ache from your handlebars being too low. Some of the Professionals in the world peloton have some extreme positions, but remember these riders do so many exercises to stay flexible and cycling is their job.

You have to be to same in a way, not super low and perfectly aero, but you have be comfortable to the best of your ability and you need to be producing power that will get you up the hills as fast as you can.

The biggest bike fit mistake I see out there is saddles too high. Riders that set their saddle too high tend to ride along the road with their hips rocking from side to side and there toes pointed whilst pedaling, this puts a lot of pressure on the hips, lower back muscle’s and hamstrings, making the thighs and legs hurt a lot more than they would do if the saddle was in the correct position. Remember its about being comfortable on the bike and being efficient too, we don’t want you putting all this hard work in and getting injured along the way.

Getting a full bike fit from a professional bike shop may not be necessary, but reading about bike fit in a little more detail maybe a great start.

 In Dean's next post he will talk about training. 

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