Goal setting is so important in any professional cyclists yearly plan, so why shouldn’t it be important in yours too. You have already set yourself a goal by pressing the enter button for the Dartmoor Classic sportive. Which ever distance you have entered, this is your goal on 2nd July 2017.

Each riders goals are going to be very different, so you have to stick to your own, with your training preparations and on the day of the event.

Are you competing against others to complete it in the fastest time or are you just looking to complete the course and enjoy the ride. ? 

What ever your goal, this needs to be realistic from the beginning, aiming for an impossible goal can quickly become disheartening when you realize you’ve gone in a bit too high and maybe you won’t achieve what you wanted.

Setting a realistic goal that is achievable with hard work can always turn into you stepping up and going beyond your own goal, a faster time or a faster average speed for example. That’s a great feeling.

Training for the event has to be achievable in the run up.

When I was racing and I had big goals on the horizon, the obvious thing to do was write the goal down somewhere, My Diary for example, nowadays, writing your goal in your phone calendar is a great idea, you can even go a bit further and put in a countdown to keep you focused. This will keep you motivated around all the other things you have going on in your life, work, family and riding your bike in preparation to hit that big goal, the Dartmoor Classic sportive.

 In Dean's next post he will talk about the importance of having your bike set up correctly. 

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