The Dartmoor Classic (Mid-Devon Cycling Club) are delighted to have been able to help support the local Dartmoor Community of Huccaby, which is situated along the Dartmoor Classic Medio & Grande routes near Hexworthy.

The following text is an extract from the Dartmoor Parish "Moorland Link" Magazine dated July 2017.

"Although the installation of the composting toilet was completed in February, we need to complete the landscaping and reconfigure the rain water collection arrangements. To do this we had to raise £1300. We had a good start with a grant from the Widecombe Fair Committee and a private donation. Now I am delighted to say that as a result of a very generous grant of £1,000 from the Mid Devon Cycling Club, who run the Dartmoor Classic every year, we have been able to give Perrett and Family Builders the go-ahead to finish the work. So many thanks to the Cycling Club. The availability of toilet facilities has already made a difference particularly at the concert and will undoubtedly be useful at the forthcoming weddings due to be held in the Chapel. With this major project virtually completed, we can return to general maintenance matters such as repairing the plaster work and improving the decoration inside the Chapel."

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