Incomplete Registration Message?

  • I have received an email to say my registration is incomplete?
  • I keep getting emails saying my registration is incomplete?
  • I have a confirmation email but I am now receiving 'incomplete registration' emails?
  • Why are you sending me these messages!!

The 'Incomplete Registration' emails are an automated process. If during your registration process you had to restart, were timed out, or had some other problem, the system will automatically log a t 'Failed Registration Report' against your email address. The system is then configured to send out three reminder emails at set intervals. It is not uncommon for one or more of these emails still to be sent, even if you have gone on to successfully complete the registration process.

If you have received a 'Registration Confirmation' email, simply ignore the 'incomplete registration' reminders. You will only receive a maximum of three and they will automatically stop.

If you have NOT received a confirmation email and you believe you have successfully registered:

  • Check your SPAM / Junk Mail folder to see if the email has been sent there in error.
  • Log into You should see your registration there. Check it is complete and you have not made a typo error with your email address
  • If there is NO record showing in then your registration is likely to have failed
  • Check your bank.
    • IF payment has been taken - contact us to resolve
    • If no payment taken - Reeturn to Registration Process.


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