2007 Report:

The inaugural Dartmoor Classic in May 2007 was a massive success by any standard. It attracted a capacity field of 1200 riders, with places selling-out well in advance of the big day, establishing it as one of the biggest and best sportives in the U.K.. The atrocious weather which prevailed for the first few hours only added to the challenge and, for all who overcame the elements, it made the presentation of their Dartmoor Granite Award even more satisfying.

Cycling Weekly columnist, Huw Williams, wrote in his post event article:

"The sense of achievement is always greater in arduous conditions and here it was huge. Anyone who completed the 2007 Dartmoor Classic will be dining out on the story for years. It takes a lot more than rain to hide the true nature of an event like this and it’s clearly a ride that will come to deserve its ‘Classic’ tag in years to come. The infrastructure is solid, entry and sign-on were streamlined and efficient, marshalling was impressive, food and drink was bountiful at the control points and there was even a trophy for everyone who finished. I don’t normally say this when I’ve been through hell, but I’ll be back."

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