Registration Process

registrationAll participants must pre-enter online. We are unable to register new entries on the day. Online Entry will open at 08:00 hrs on the 5th November 2016 for our 2017 event. Please note that this event has always SOLD OUT and in recent years it has been selling out well within 24 hours of registration opening. If you want to be sure of your place in the next edition of the Dartmoor Classic you will need to enter early.

Entrants under the age of 18 years are NOT permitted to use the online entry system. An appropriate adult, able to give the necessary Parental Consent, must complete the online entry application process. Minimum age limits apply, please see respective route information pages for details.

Having successfully entered and secured your place, you will need to attend the Registration Hall at the Welcome Village (Newton Abbot Racecourse) on the event weekend to collect your Rider Pack.

All entrants must personally attend the Registration Hall where they will be required to provide proof of identity and personally sign the start sheets.

Once signed in, participants will be issued with their personalised 'Rider Pack' containing:

  • Disposable Electronic Tag (To be stuck to LEFT side of cycle helmet)
  • Bike Number (To be fixed to front of bike)
  • 2 x Cable Ties (to attach Bike Number)
  • Personalized Body Number (To be worn on rear of Cycle Jersey)
  • 4 x Safety Pins (to fix Body Number to Jerey)
Registration Opening Times
  • Saturday 1st July 2017: 13:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs
  • Sunday 2nd July 2017: 05:30 hrs to 08:30 hrs
Proof of Identity

When 'signing on', entrants MUST provide photographic proof of identity. Recommended identity documents are British Cycling Membership Card, Photo Driving Licence or Passport. No-one will be permitted to ride under another person's identity. Entries for this event are strictly non-transferable.

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